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iOS Game Build – Bubble Breach (Cocos 2D)

Posted on 05 Sep 2014

iOS Game - Bubble Breach (Cocos 2D)

iOS Game build with Objective-C & Cocos2D framework and posted on apple store.

Bubble Breach is an amazing bubble breaking (i.e. breach) game with new way of playing and very addictive! It is very easy to play for everyone i.e. Tap the bubble by finger to earn points. It is fun and challenging with simplicity. Also Integrated with game center, so don’t forget to login at game centre while game starts. Total Highest Score will be submitted to game centre.

How to Play:
– Tap the bubble to breach/break and create score.
– Don’t waste tap, you have limited tap as number of bubble.
– Bubble will be out of game after back trip, so tap it before goes back.
– It shows finger help for the bubble that will goes back.
– You must create target score to unlock the next level.
– Bubble are generated randomly, so play it again and again to beat highest score.
– Bubbles are colourful with different score. The more bubbles you tap more points you earn.

Game Features:
– Four level integrated, unlock it one by one, more coming soon…
– High quality graphics for each device type. Support for iPhone and iPad.
– Highest Score Leaderboard integrated with Game Center.
– Login to game centre and challenge highest score with your friends.
– Register for push notification for latest updates.

Supported Device:
iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad having iOS8.

Technology Used:
iOS 6, Objective-C, Xcode, Cocos2D, Chipmunk, Game Centre Integration, AdMob, Push Notification.

My Responsibility Includes:
– Game Strategy Planning
– Game Programming with Cocos2D
– Compile iOS game using xCode, Objective C.
– AdMob Banner Integration.
– Push Notification Integration.
– Game Centre Integration with Apple Store.
– Post Game on Apple Store and get Approval.

Note: App GUI and Graphics Design work done by other team member.

Team members:
PrashantKumar Mangukiya, KalpeshKumar Mangukiya

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