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My Work Portfolio

Native iOS App – Swift, Xcode

At present I am active in native iOS Application development. I build various native iOS App using Swift, Xcode and posted on apple store. Below are some native iOS app build by me.

Technology Used:

– Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7.
– Universal Storyboard, Adaptive Layout, Size Class.
– Core Data Storage (NSManaged Object).
– Local Storage (NSUserDefaults).
– Core Image Framework (CIImage, CIFilter).
– AVFoundation Framework.
– MediaPlayer, NSFileManager.
– MPRemoteCommandCenter, MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.
– CloudKit Integration, and Cloud Kit Database Setup.
– Camera & Photo Gallery access using Image Picker.
– Core Location Framework.
– Map Kit Framework.
– REST API Integration.
– NSURLSession, NSURLCache, NSURLSessionDownloadTask.
– Asynchronous Image and Data File downloading.
– XML Parsing using NSXLParser.
– JSON Parsing with SwiftyJSON.
– UIWebView Integration.
– UIActivityViewController integration.
– Sharing Integration.
– You Tube Video Player Integration.
– Side Menu with SWRevealViewController.

My Role & Responsibility:

– Building Application using Swift and Xcode.
– Integrate necessary framework and implementing logic.
– Setup Core Data Storage if needed.
– Creating schema for Core Data Managed object.
– REST API Integration.
– Parsing JSON or XML data, integrating data with GUI.
– Submit application to Apple store for Review & Approval.
– If any query generated from apple during review then updating application and resubmit it.

– App GUI and Graphics Work done by other team member.

Hybrid iOS/Android App – Ionic, AngularJS, Cordova/Phonegap

I have also extensive experience in developing Hybrid Mobile Applications utilizing Ionic, AngularJS and Cordova PhoneGap framework.

Technology Used:

– Ionic, AngularJS, Cordova Framework.
– Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio.
– Cordova device plugin integration.
– I have utilised cordova device plugins API like Camera, File Transfer, Local Storage, Console, Device, Dialogs, Network Information, Splash Screen and InApp Browser.
– I have also used third party Cordova plugins API such as Push Notification, Social Sharing, AdMob Integration, and YouTube Video Player for Android.

My Role & Responsibility:

– Create Cordova based Hybrid App.
– Integrate Angular JS Programming.
– Integrate JSON Web Service.
– Integrate Cordova Device Plugin.
– Push Notification Service Integration.
– Build iOS version using Xcode.
– Build Android version using Android Studio.
– Upload on Apple Store, Submit for approval.
– Upload on Google Play Store.

Work Done By Other Team Member:

– App GUI & Color Scheme Design.
– Build PHP-MySql based web services.
– Build Admin Panel for manage app content.
– MySql Database Setup & Schema Design.

Web Development – PHP-Mysql, WordPress, HTML-CSS, jQuery

My past experience includes building dynamic website using Php-MySql platform. Now a days this past experience helping me lot while developing Hybrid Mobile application architecture that includes html, css and advanced javascript work. Below are my web portfolio.

Technology Used:

– Linux, Apache (LAMP Setup)
– PHP-MySql Custom Programming, GDLib.
– HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQquery, and Flash.
– Custom Admin Panel Development.
– WordPress Theme Development.
– WordPress Theme Customisation.
– WordPress Setup and Configuration.

Dynamic Website (with Admin Panel)


WordPress Blog:


Static Website:


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