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Swift Animation

Posted on 17 Sep 2015

Swift Animation

Swift 2 based animation demo build using Xcode 7, iOS 9.

Swift based mobile application that demonstrates animation techniques. It shows various ways to applying animation on UI element like UIView or UIImageView etc. You can use this demo to understand how basic animation can be applied within Swift application and make it interactive. You can use this as a base project and expand its functionality, it’s free for personal or commercial use.

It consist functionality below:
– Move Object: Auto (i.e. programmatically)
– Move Object: Manual (i.e. via user interaction)

Technology used
– Creating UIImageView object runtime.
– Based on screen size, position the object in a view.
– Applying movement on UIImageView using various techniques.
– Move Object Automatically i.e. programmatically in loop etc.
– Move Object Manually i.e. via user interaction.
– Simple and Clean interface.
– Build with Xcode storyboard.
– Adaptive layout for major screen size support.
– Created with Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7.

– Swift 2
– iOS 9
– Xcode 7

Supported Device
iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, all iPad having iOS 8.4, iOS 9

You can download source form GitHub profile.

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